Who We Are

Who We Are

Burns Logan founded Conifac in order to provide sophisticated, early-stage dispute resolution systems to the construction industry at a significantly lower cost. Growing up in a family of contractors, he quickly inherited the love of building things. Burns is deeply involved in the industry, acting as a construction lawyer and in management positions with construction and engineering companies. Burns has been resolving construction-related disputes for over 15 years.


“I believe that construction professionals and owners make better decisions during disputes when they control the decision-making process—not a judge, jury, or arbitrator.  Unfortunately, good dispute resolution processes are often hidden behind layers of court and legal processes with staggering costs.  Time, money, and reputations can be preserved if construction professionals are given the opportunity to take advantage of more advanced dispute resolution processes earlier in the dispute.”    -Burns Logan

Save Big on Hard and Soft Costs

We Use Experienced Construction Professionals Only

High Success Rate in Solving Disputes