What We Do

What We Do

Making Construction Dispute Resolution Accessible, Faster, and Affordable

Traditional Construction Dispute Resolution is Too Expensive and Time-Consuming.

Construction disputes are notoriously expensive, time-consuming, and a drain on productivity.  The cost of the dispute resolution process often forces parties to resolve claims not on the basis of merit or reason, but because of mounting fees and lost time.

The cost of construction disputes is increasing. Engineering News-Record has determined that each conflict resulted in an average of 161.25 hours (or about 20 days) of lost time due to managing the conflict. Another report showed that in 2017 the average construction dispute took 17.7 months to resolve.


At Conifac, we challenge the cost of traditional dispute resolution. We think there is a better way to address disputes earlier and to get the job done in a commercially reasonable manner.

Building Trust By Using The Right People

When resolving a dispute, a professional must quickly grasp complex issues and equate to how they impact a construction project. At Conifac, all of our dispute resolution professionals are experienced in construction issues. You won’t have to worry if your dispute resolution professional knows the difference between an “RFI” and a “COR”.

When using Conifac, you’re leveraging a nationwide network.  You are not limited to local dispute resolution professionals. Conifac professionals have a valuable combination of real-world construction experience and are trained in dispute resolution techniques. Conifac provides the right fit for the job, no matter the location.

Facilitating Confidential Discussions and Negotiations.

Lack of trust is the most significant barrier that prevents parties from resolving construction disputes. This prevents the parties from openly pursuing all available possibilities.

All Conifac services are designed to take advantage of state and federal laws which allow open, but confidential, discussions during a dispute resolution process.  These laws provide that all communication and information exchanged during processes like Conifac’s process is confidential and may not be used in any subsequent litigation or proceeding among the parties. Additionally, Conifac also requires the participants to acknowledge the confidentiality of the service. This frees the parties to communicate openly with their Conifac Dispute Resolution Professional in order to explore all ideas, moving towards a resolution.

Save Big on Hard and Soft Costs

We Use Experienced Construction Professionals Only

High Success Rate in Solving Disputes