How It Works


Example Change Order Disagreement

  • A subcontractor issues a change order request for time and money because he believes the owner or general contractor has requested an additional scope of work.
  • The change order is rejected.
  • The project managers and owners have met multiple times, but cannot come to an agreement on whether the subcontractor is entitled to either time or money.
  • The issue has started to impact other areas of the project and other subcontractors.

The Parties Agree to Submit a Dispute Resolution Request Through Conifac

  • The Subcontractor submits a Dispute Resolution Request through Conifac’s system.
  • The Subcontractor enters the basic information regarding the dispute into Conifac’s system.

Conifac Goes To Work

Conifac contacts the parties, initiating the resolution process. This includes: contacting all parties to get an agreement to participate, selecting the Conifac DR Professional, and working with the parties to upload any relevant documents (subcontract, letters/correspondence, photographs, change order request, etc.)

Conifac's Dispute Resolution Professionals work with all parties, confidentially.

  • Conifac’s Dispute Resolution Professionals will work with both parties separately and potentially together, to attempt to resolve the issue.
  • All your communications with Conifac are confidential.
  • Conifac will not disclose any information you provide to Conifac to other parties unless you give express permission to do so.
  • The information provided in the process cannot be used against any party if the dispute goes on to litigation or arbitration.

If necessary, Conifac will set up a joint meeting

Sometimes  it is necessary to get the parties together to reach a resolution. If so, Conifac will arrange a joint in-person or on-line meeting.


There is no charge for travel time if a Conifac professional travels to your site location anywhere in the Continental US.

Conifac's Dispute Resolution Professionals will help the parties draft a written memorandum of terms of agreement.

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