Conifac – Building Trust

Conifac – Building Trust

Burns Logan

Maintaining trust with clients, owners, contractors and management is key to success in construction.

Construction managers resolve disputes every day.   In the vast majority of disputes, they are able to reach a commercially-reasonable outcome by negotiating directly with the others on the project.

However, sometimes a dispute arises that the parties are unable to resolve no matter what they try.  There are many different reasons for this.  But, one thing is certain.  When disputes are not resolved, trust is damaged.

Parties who do not trust each other focus on protecting their own interests and hiding relevant information.

Mistrust is not good for successful project completion or construction careers.  If the team does not trust each other, they suspect that every recommendation is only in the other party’s own interest and not the team’s. As the dispute lingers, mistrust grows.

A recent study showed that the average time to resolve a construction dispute in the US is now 17.7 months.   The amount of trust (and future business) lost because of these prolonged disputes is staggering.

Conifac provides an “off ramp” to the costly path of litigation or arbitration.

Conifac gives the parties a better way.  Using Conifac allows the parties to propose a proactive alternative to try to resolve the dispute before things get worse.  Being proactive increases trust and accountability.  Something clients, managers, and other project participants can all agree is better than litigation or arbitration.