We help resolve construction disputes quickly, before or during litigation, because lost time, reduced productivity, and reputation aren’t easy to repair.

Shorter Disputes. Better Outcomes

Customers use Conifac to connect with experienced construction dispute experts, confidentially exchange information, communicate with the parties, and access a legal framework which ensures confidential dispute resolution discussions. Traditional paths to construction dispute resolution (legal fights – lawsuits/arbitration – traditional mediation) are too expensive and waste valuable time.  We provide the framework to get to better solutions, quicker.

Resolving Disputes Before They Get Worse

Conifac professionals understand construction disputes are a burden on project productivity, budgets, and customer satisfaction. For disputes that just won’t go away, Conifac provides an “off ramp” to the costly path of litigation or arbitration.  Helping you deliver projects on time and within budget, while building trust with clients and management.

Facilitating Confidential and Open Discussions

Conifac’s process uses laws which clear the path to more open negotiations.  The information customers share with Conifac is confidential and cannot be used against them if the conflict ever goes to an arbitration or lawsuit.


This is not necessarily true if the parties are negotiating without a formal process which complies with these laws.

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